Automatic Re-productization System「C-DreAm」

We have successfully automated the processes of “data erasure”, “functionality inspection”, “cosmetic inspection”, and “scratch prevention film application”. Based on the inspection results, we perform rank determination using AI.

Data Erasure Device

Similar to manual work, devices lined up in a tray are fed into C-DreAm. The robot recognizes the distance from the devices in the tray through image recognition of the camera attached to the robot, determining the size and shape of each device as it is retrieved. This allows us to handle mixed production of iPhones and Android devices. Since the shape of the smartphone connectors can also be recognized automatically, we can handle future changes in the shape of the terminals. Erasure supports the Blancco software, which has the highest erasure level in the United States, as well as a factory reset by Apple Configurator.

Functionality Inspection

Devices with an inspection-specific application installed are inserted into the inspection device, and the inspection is performed by allowing the application and device to communicate. According to our standards, 25 inspection items are automatically executed. We have implemented fingertip operations, such as scrolling and touching the screen with a robot, which previously could only be performed manually, allowing us to handle different inspection items for each version. Moreover, the inspection items can be set for each customer, so we can accommodate increases or decreases in inspection items for each model.

Cosmetic Inspection

In addition to visible large scratches, our high-function camera can detect fine scratches that were difficult to see even for human veterans, as well as scratches behind the liquid crystal. We detect scratches not only on the front and back but also on the edges, eliminating variations in ispection quality.

【Message from our Representative, Mr. Kondo】
“From Fantasy to Concept: A Journey to Automating Used Smartphone Productization with C-DreAm” (Representative’s Blog)

【Media Coverage】
Daily Industrial Newspaper “News Switch”
“Recycling Communications” (Issued on March 25, 2023)
Japan Life Insurance Company’s Information Magazine “Management Information” (April 2023 Issue)

For more details, please select “C-DreAm” from the “Contact Us” page. After confirming your inquiry, our representative will get in touch with you.

AI Automatic Grading System

Our proprietary grading system, incorporating AI and image recognition, has successfully automated the judgement of the level of scratches and dents, which had previously been considered difficult. The accuracy of the judgment has reached over 95% (*). Traditional AI required over 10,000 imaging data for machine learning and took about two days for training,  however, the AI we have adopted now allows judgement with about 100 images, greatly reducing the learning time. * Based on our standards.


AI automated judgement of scratch level → Accuracy 95%

Fast 18-second grading per device → Can judge 10 angles

Reduced learning time with less image data → As short as 6 hours.

IT Asset Management

We offer comprehensive solutions for IT assets (all IT equipment). From equipment procurement to configuration (kitting), and eventual recovery and replacement after a certain period of time, we provide one-stop service. We welcome consultations on individual aspects of the whole process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Kitting Service

This is a service that carries out setup operations when introducing IT assets. We perform tasks such as installing the OS and necessary software, various configurations, and network connection settings, all according to the client’s requirements.

Mobile Device & PC Productization BPO

Send your no-longer-needed information equipment to our BPO center.

Send your no-longer-needed information equipment to our BPO center.

We take care of the complete data erasure of IT assets, sorting for second-hand equipment sales, assistance with sales both domestically and abroad, and disposal with an emphasis on compliance. At our company, we sort these items into those that can be productized (regenerated) and those that cannot, fully dedicating our efforts to help reduce our customers’ operational costs.


Rather than disposing of no-longer-needed information devices, we “productize” them back into a sellable condition to reduce disposal costs. For high-quality products, high-priced purchase is also possible. (Estimates are free)

*Note that all data is completely erased during productization.

Target Devices

PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets, HDDs, SSDs, NAS, etc. When productizing, we completely erase the data and issue a data erasure certificate.

Importance of Data Erasure

As the diversification of information equipment progresses and with the enforcement of personal information protection laws and the My Number system, it has become crucial to manage data on PCs and servers, and to ensure security and compliance. When disposing or reusing information devices, it is necessary to completely erase confidential information.

There are not a few cases where vital company data is leaked because it was not fully erased before disposal. The impact of a loss of social trust due to such information leakage can sometimes make it difficult for a business to continue.

Complete Data Erasure for Information Equipment

Our company employs data erasure software produced by Blancco, a company that has received the industry’s highest number of product certifications from public institutions such as NATO, government agencies worldwide, and third-party organizations.

Data erasure via the overwriting method using Blancco’s software ensures safe and certain data erasure, enabling the reuse of information devices.
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Data Erasure Certificate

We will issue a certificate (report) to show that data erasure has been securely carried out.

blancco data erasure software

We will issue a data erasure certificate with detailed configuration details of the equipment.

Magnetic erasure and physical destruction

We will issue a certificate in our specified format.
(with before and after photos of the drilling)

On-site Data Erasure Service

On-site Data Erasure Service

We offer a service for customers who cannot take confidential information out of their company. Our staff will visit your site and completely erase confidential and important data right in front of you.
If data cannot be erased by software due to power problems with the device, we will respond on the spot by “physically destroying” it using a magnetic erasure device or a physical destruction device.


[Partner Company] Condor Next Corporation
Based in Nagoya, they carry out data erasure and kitting operations. On-site data erasure (travelling service) is also available. They also collect and repurchase OA equipment that is no longer needed, carry out collection and purchase operations, and handle waste disposal associated with factory or business site relocation or removal.
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On-Site Efficiency Consulting

We provide solutions from the discovery of issues at the workplace to their resolution, and propose ways to improve efficiency. Our consulting service is not merely advising; we implement improvements alongside you at the workplace and devise means of verification based on tangible reality. This enables us to achieve real efficiency improvements for our clients.

Step1. Visualization of Operations
We probe for the root causes of issues from a third-party perspective. We understand the management and operational status through flowcharts, operation manuals, and detailed hearings with on-site staff.

Step2. Efficiency Proposals and Verification
Based on the issues identified in Step1, we derive the most suitable solutions. This could involve reducing work hours through mechanization, changing layouts, revising training plans, etc.

Step3. Operational Management
We confirm the status of operations after the proposal has been implemented. We ensure the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle is ongoing, handle unexpected events, and work to establish a management system for continuous implementation.

Business Strategy Consulting

We offer the best solutions to address the challenges faced by businesses, such as new ventures, business matching, M&A, and more. We provide a wide range of solutions, from proposing solutions to core strategic issues such as reorganizing business portfolios and analyzing target markets and products, to tactical practices such as methods of entering overseas markets and compliance with laws and regulations.

M&A Advisory
We uncover M&A opportunities through communication with our clients and partners, and propose the best transaction methods for our clients. In addition, we provide various advisory services to ensure smooth execution.

Financial Solutions
To solve financial issues faced by our clients, we propose means of capital and fundraising, and provide advisory services on the best methods. We are prepared with a wide range of options, from fundraising using public markets to mezzanine capital fundraising from securities firms and investment funds.

Corporate Research & Industry Analysis
Upon request from our clients, we conduct analyses of specific corporations and industries. While based on public information, we present the reality of the corporation or industry through various interviews.


【Partner Company】Advisory Company, Inc.
A boutique house that offers consulting and M&A services globally. The services they provide to their customers include presenting strategic investment opportunities, business strategy consultation, proposing fundraising methods, presenting M&A opportunities, performing corporate and industry analysis, and providing advisory services related to post-merger integration.

Warranty Business and Small Amount Short-term Insurance Business Support

We conduct an analysis of organizational structures, products, and services, and we contribute to improving after-sales services and promoting sales by constructing original warranty and extended warranty schemes tailored to the needs and current conditions of businesses and customers. Moreover, we support your expansion into the small amount short-term insurance business beyond the scope of warranties.

Support for Digital Device Warranty and Extended Warranty Scheme Construction
1. Call center establishment and operation consulting
2. Inventory and warehouse management system consulting
3. Kitting operation system consulting
4. Shipping and delivery operation system consulting
5. Repair operation system consulting
6. Actuarial analysis support.

Target Equipment
Smartphones, computers, tablets, wearable devices, AI speakers, drones, etc.


[Partner Company] Quest Japan Corporation
The Japanese subsidiary of the insurance consultancy Quest Group, based in London, UK. They center their business around insurance-related services and digital device-related services, and they are expanding their operations throughout Asia.
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