CDREM – A company that dreams with you

CDR Eco Movement is written as “CDREM”, and read as “See DREAM”.

The missing A in DREAM stands for “you” (Anata in Japanese). We are waiting for “you” to dream and work with us.

CDREM ~あなたと共に夢を見る会社~

CDR Eco Movement Interview

Meet Our Employees

Systems Division Masahiro Ishizaka

System Division
Masahiro Ishizaka

As the company grows year by year, I can feel the changes brought about by my actions.

I was working as a part-time operational staff member when we were launching a new business.

Figuring out how to overcome the first peak period, we all – employees and staff alike – worked together to find solutions. I found this process enjoyable and fulfilling, and it was after we had successfully navigated through this peak period that I became a full-time employee.

Currently, I mainly work on simplifying and streamlining administrative tasks and creating business tools.

Even as the company has grown, the joy I feel when I see the smooth and more efficient operation of our workplace due to the efforts of my team and myself remains unchanged.

Systems Division Nozomi Harada

System Division
Nozomi Harada

I am being assigned in creating new businesses that focus on robot development for work automation.

I can be involved in a wide range of activities, from planning and developing new products to promotion and sales support. I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when I overcome difficult tasks.

I live a fulfilling life every day, feeling what is expected of me.

営業部 朴恩慶
BPO First Division Eun Kyung Park

BPO Division Ⅰ
Eun Kyung Park

I’m responsible for managing part of the on-site operation lines.

I find it rewarding to hear the opinions and requests of my team members and make changes to our workplace environment based on them.

It’s gratifying to receive gratitude from my colleagues with whom I work. We also consider and address any candid negative feedback from our team members together, building a trust-based working relationship as a team.

Recently, we’ve been conducting study sessions on the internal structure of terminals in a newly established in-house circle.

Initially, I was puzzled by the process where the quantity of incoming goods is known on the same day. In addition to that, adjusting staffing based on the hopes and wishes of the team members I work with was the first challenge. Now, I am learning daily control from senior employees who have taught me to view things from the perspective of the entire division.

Sales Division Taiga Agui

Sales Division
Taiga Agui

I feel the joy of taking on new challenges every day.

For each client’s diverse needs, I propose solutions that are thought out from scratch. Each case is a first-time project for me, so there are many difficulties, but I strive to apply what I’ve learned to my next plans and ideas.

I could feel my own growth when a proposal that I made for the first time was highly evaluated and led to the next opportunity.

I believe this job requires the ability to hear the needs of both clients and on-site teams, and to coordinate the best solution for both parties.

I appreciate having a “Hustle Bento” twice a month and internal training. I was surprised at how close I was to the president and the head of the department after joining the company. It’s an environment where it’s easy to consult and thus proceed with work.

Business Planning Department Kosuke Ito

Business Planning Division
Kosuke Ito

I work in the newly established Business Planning Department.

I developed a tool to visualize the quantitative data that was traditionally collected in each department, to assist in efficiency and improvement.

I have the opportunity about twice a month to have the management directly see the results of my work, and I feel a sense of reward and contribution to the company.

I learned from senior employees that not only results, but also the process of pondering and thinking are important. It’s not that you can be worried forever, but I feel that the opportunity to keep thinking about questions without answers leads to my own growth.

I was able to feel my own growth when I created data from the perspective of the site manager and it was actually deeply utilized.

BPO Department 1 Yujiro Watanabe

BPO Division Ⅰ
Yujiro Watanabe

I find the process of setting up a new line intriguing.

When a line plan that I thought of from scratch is actually adopted and I see the line I built operating, I feel deeply moved. It’s exciting to start building something from nothing, and it’s satisfying when my ideas contribute to improved efficiency.

Unlike other industries like the food and beverage industry, it’s challenging that we can’t physically visit and study know-hows. It’s a struggle to find ways to improve efficiency in a context where information and know-hows from other companies are not publicly available. Every day, I continue to ponder and consider various aspects of everyday life.

When I hit a wall, I ask for opinions from the team members around me. I think it’s a workplace with an atmosphere that makes it easy to consult. While thinking for myself, I also consult with team members and superiors in other departments.

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