We provide services to client companies such as on-site efficiency improvements, presentation of strategic investment opportunities, business strategy consultation, presentation of fundraising methods, presentation of M&A opportunities, advisory related to corporate and industry analysis and post-merger integration, alliance matching business, and business revitalization projects.

On-Site Efficiency Consulting

We offer solutions for identifying and resolving issues in the workplace, and propose efficiency improvements. Our services go beyond mere consulting; we work together on-site to implement improvements and establish verification methods. By providing practical, reality-based consulting, we help our clients achieve efficiency.

Step1. Visualization of Operations

We probe for the root causes of issues from a third-party perspective. We understand the management and operational status through flowcharts, operation manuals, and detailed hearings with on-site staff.

Step2. Efficiency Proposals and Verification

Based on the issues identified in Step1, we derive the most suitable solutions. This could involve reducing work hours through mechanization, changing layouts, revising training plans, etc.

Step3. Operational Management

We confirm the status of operations after the proposal has been implemented. We ensure the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle is ongoing, handle unexpected events, and work to establish a management system for continuous implementation.

Business Strategy Consulting

We offer the best solutions to address the challenges faced by businesses, such as new ventures, business matching, M&A, and more. We provide a wide range of solutions, from proposing solutions to core strategic issues such as reorganizing business portfolios and analyzing target markets and products, to tactical practices such as methods of entering overseas markets and compliance with laws and regulations.

M&A Advisory

We uncover M&A opportunities through communication with our clients and partners, and propose the best transaction methods for our clients. In addition, we provide various advisory services to ensure smooth execution.

Financial Solutions

To solve financial issues faced by our clients, we propose means of capital and fundraising, and provide advisory services on the best methods. We are prepared with a wide range of options, from fundraising using public markets to mezzanine capital fundraising from securities firms and investment funds.

Corporate Research & Industry Analysis

Upon request from our clients, we conduct analyses of specific corporations and industries. While based on public information, we present the reality of the corporation or industry through various interviews.

Advisory Company, Inc.

【Partner Company】Advisory Company, Inc.

A boutique house that offers consulting and M&A services globally. The services they provide to their customers include presenting strategic investment opportunities, business strategy consultation, proposing fundraising methods, presenting M&A opportunities, performing corporate and industry analysis, and providing advisory services related to post-merger integration.