IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is an organization-wide process that tracks and manages IT assets, including hardware and software, throughout their entire lifecycle, from procurement to disposal.

Properly managing and visualizing IT assets within an organization can lead to reduced compliance and cybersecurity risks, as well as cost savings.

We offer a comprehensive, one-stop service that covers everything from equipment procurement and configuration (kitting) to collection and replacement after a certain period of use.

1. Conducting Hearings

1. Conducting Hearings

We will gather information about your devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, as well as the operating systems and software installed on these devices, the licenses required to use the software, LAN cables, Wi-Fi equipment, printers, network cameras, and other utilized resources.

The primary focus will be on understanding the challenges in IT asset management, compliance violation measures, information security enhancement, and cost reduction efforts.

2. Solution Proposal

2. Solution Proposal

Based on the information gathered during the hearing, we will propose the most suitable solutions for your IT assets. Focusing on your information systems department, we aim to address various IT asset challenges. Our proposals will not only emphasize efficiency, such as the reuse of PCs and smartphones, but also promote environmentally-friendly and sustainable IT asset management practices.

3. Initial Setup, Kitting, and Maintenance

3. Initial Setup, Kitting, and Maintenance

Our team of experienced technicians provides comprehensive management, from procurement to maintenance of IT assets. Our kitting services go beyond OS setup; we also install and configure the necessary programs and applications required for your business activities, ensuring your devices are ready for immediate use.

Kitting Service

Kitting Services for PC, Tablet, and Smartphone Deployment and Replacement

We offer setup services for the deployment and replacement of IT assets. According to your requirements, we handle the installation of operating systems and necessary software, various configurations, and network connection settings.

Main Kitting Tasks

Unpacking and SortingWarranty ManagementSorting Device Names and Warranty Documents
Basic SetupMemory ReplacementMemory Upgrades and Replacements
Initial SetupDevice Name and Shortcut Icon Setup
Software InstallationSoftware Installation
Network ConfigurationPrinter ConfigurationPrinter Driver Installation and Configuration
Network ConfigurationNetwork Configuration
Mobile Environment ConfigurationMobile Network Setup
Domain EnrollmentDomain Enrollment
Clone DeploymentMaster PC CreationMaster PC Creation
CloningImage Cloning
Recovery Disk CreationRecovery Disk Provision
Asset ManagementDevice Information ProvisionDocumentation
Label Creation and ApplicationLabel Management
Shipping and On-site SetupShipping ServicesDelivery Service
On-site ConfigurationOn-site Configuration
Lifecycle Management (LCM) ServicesStorage KittingStorage and Kitting Management
Repair CoordinationRepair Coordination

※1 The network environment (line installation or VPN connection) from our center to the domain server must be provided by the customer.