Transition from Recycle to Circular

Historically, the IT equipment recycling market for PCs and smartphones has operated in a linear fashion where both corporations and individuals typically purchase new devices, use them for 3-5 years, and then sell them in the used market or discard them. The used market has developed its own distinct ecosystem, separate from the new market, without any complementary interaction between the two.

In this traditional model, recycling IT equipment involves a one-way flow from the new market to the used market, ultimately ending in disposal. This linear approach leads to an increase in waste and fails to achieve an efficient Circular Economy for IT assets. The current separation between new and used markets is insufficient.

To address this issue, we must move beyond resource recycling represented by “waste as raw materials”. Large corporations, which have relied 100% on new products, need to integrate used products and idle inventory into their IT asset strategies, promoting a coexistence of new and used products.

This is the essence of Circular Economy, and at CDR Eco Movement, we see the realization of this new economic system as our social mission – Circular Economy as a Service (CEaaS) – our registered trademark.

Specific Initiatives include:
・We propose building the best portfolio for our customers by integrating traditional procurement methods (purchase and lease) with new options such as subscriptions and rentals, incorporating new, used, and refurbished devices.
・To support such portfolio, we offer comprehensive and seamless BPO services including data erasure, product sorting, grading, cosmetic enhancement, logistics and distribution, temporary storage of customer IT assets, and insurance and warranty services.

Our company name, CDR Eco Movement (CDREM), reflects our commitment to leading this new movement toward realizing Circular Economy.

In the era of the Circular Economy, we aim to become trusted specialists in providing IT asset solutions as “Circular Economy as a Service (CEaaS)” company.