BPO Division 2 Haruna Nagayasu

BPO Division 2 Haruna Nagayasu

Why did you join the CDR Eco Movement?

I initially joined as a part-time employee and, after working for a while, decided to become a full-time employee due to the positive impression the staff made on me.

I am originally from the Chugoku region and previously worked in the entertainment industry, with interests in dance and art. I decided to join CDR Eco Movement during a period of personal change. Starting as a part-time employee, I transitioned to a full-time position and am now in my fourth year with the company.

Although I had no prior knowledge of the industry, my colleagues in the 2nd BPO Division were very kind and helpful in teaching me the ropes. I remember being impressed by their friendliness and the positive work environment.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the lack of technology-related knowledge, but now I find myself in a position where I am teaching and guiding newer employees.

Please tell us about the work you currently do.

BPO Division 2 Haruna Nagayasu

I provide services to refurbish used smartphones, including purchasing, grading, and resetting them.

The 2nd BPO Division handles the buying and selling of used PCs and smartphones. We erase data from the devices sent to us, conduct inspections on functionality, appearance, and exterior, and then grade them based on these results. This grading process is crucial because it significantly impacts the resale value of the devices.

Now in my fourth year, I have expanded my responsibilities beyond my initial tasks. I continuously seek ways to improve and streamline our operations. Recently, I have also taken on a mentoring role, guiding and teaching newer employees.

Please tell us about any rewarding experiences you’ve had while working.

BPO Division 2 Haruna Nagayasu

I experienced the joy of creating something from scratch with our new service for individuals.

Last summer, CDR Eco Movement launched a new BPO service aimed at individuals, expanding beyond our traditional corporate-focused services. I was involved in this new individual service from the ground up, tasked with building the business from scratch. Despite many trials and errors, we successfully launched the service, and I now oversee its daily operations and continuous improvements.

I’ve always been interested in human creativity, like dance, and I found great enjoyment in creating something from nothing. The opportunity to spearhead this new venture was incredibly fulfilling. Although the service is still new and there are many areas for improvement, I am grateful that the company entrusted me with this responsibility.

What are your future dreams and goals you wish to achieve?

I want to become someone who pioneers the future while also learning from a management perspective.

BPO Division 2 Haruna Nagayasu

Smartphones are constantly evolving, and we now need to support devices like foldable Android models from overseas. The grading criteria are also complex and vary by client, requiring continuous adaptation and improvement.

I prefer creating things from scratch over working within established systems.

I am very interested in understanding user and client needs and taking on the challenge of proposing new business ideas and creating new ventures. My goal is to develop my management skills and, drawing on my experience with launching services for individuals, to be involved in creating new businesses and services.

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