BPO Division 1 Yasutake Nakajima

BPO Division 1 Yasutake Nakajima

Why did you join the CDR Eco Movement?

I joined because of my background in engineering and interest in cutting-edge technology.

I joined because of my background in engineering and interest in cutting-edge technology.

Previously, I worked in sales for a water server company, a completely different industry. However, I have a background in engineering, so I was interested in the services CDR Eco Movement offers and felt that I could leverage my expertise.

During the interview process, I spoke with President Ogawa and Systems Manager Sekiguchi. They took the time to understand me, and I was impressed by the company’s size, with around 100 employees, which allowed for close interactions with the management team. The impression that the company values its employees convinced me to join.

Since joining, my initial positive impression has been reaffirmed, and I continue to believe that this is a company that truly values its people.

Please tell us about the work you currently do.

BPO Division 1 Yasutake Nakajima

I handle the staffing and setup of new project lines and work on improving operational challenges in various departments.

When I first joined the company, I was assigned to the sales department, where I focused on proposing BPO solutions for small wireless devices called guide receivers. After working on a client’s center relocation project, I transitioned to the Business Planning Office.

The responsibilities in the Business Planning Office are diverse. My primary role is to establish internal structures, including staffing, when new projects are acquired or when business expansion is required. Additionally, I support various departments in addressing issues related to operations, processes, and efficiency improvements.

Given that my role often involves working across different departments, strong coordination skills are essential.

Please tell us about any rewarding experiences you’ve had while working.

BPO Division 1 Yasutake Nakajima

I find growth and fulfillment in collaboratively solving on-site issues.

The work in business planning doesn’t follow a clear flow, so addressing each challenge requires considering on-site opinions and the cost of implementation. When establishing new operational structures, it’s crucial to solidify these processes and hand them over to the relevant departments. Therefore, working closely with on-site teams to execute tasks is essential.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) often involves managing costs effectively, which can sometimes be challenging within the company. However, overcoming these challenges with my colleagues is where I find great satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

What are your future dreams and goals you wish to achieve?

I want to become a reliable person who can adapt to changing times and achieve goals.

BPO Division 1 Yasutake Nakajima

I have always enjoyed communicating with others and working together as a team to overcome challenges. Our company is filled with genuine and cooperative individuals, and I aspire to continue meeting client and user needs as a cohesive team.

Personally, my goal is to continually strive to be a better version of myself. Having played soccer in the past, I love working together as a team to strategize and overcome obstacles, much like making successful passes in a game. I aim to be someone who can deliver excellent ‘passes’ at work, facilitating teamwork and achieving our goals. Of course, I also want to be able to score when the opportunity arises.

Given that our work involves cutting-edge technology, we often face complex challenges. I want to be a reliable team member who adapts to changing times and helps the BPO Division1 achieve our goals together.

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