System Division Eun Kyung Park

System Division Eun Kyung Park

Why did you join the CDR Eco Movement?

I decided to join after being drawn to the personalities of the employees I met during the interview process and after receiving the job offer.

Previously, I worked in apparel sales, where I enjoyed communicating with people. I wanted to transition to a company where I could leverage this skill, and in 2019, I joined CDR Eco Movement in a sales role. Although I had no prior knowledge of BPO or systems, the president himself explained everything to me in detail, which left a strong impression.

On the day I received my job offer after the final interview, I was invited to the company’s Christmas party. I was very surprised, but everyone was so friendly that I thought, “This is a company that truly values people.” That impression solidified my decision to join.

Please tell us about the work you currently do.

System Division Eun Kyung Park

I work with cutting-edge BPO systems and manage development projects with international companies.

Currently, I belong to a department that handles systems, a position I acquired through an internal job posting. Our company has advanced robotic services such as the “C-DreAm” smartphone refurbishment system and the “AI Automated Grading System,” and I am responsible for the systems part of these devices.

System design and development are sometimes done in collaboration with leading domestic and international companies. While I aim to further enhance my expertise in system development and operations, I find great joy in working with cutting-edge technology on a global scale.

Additionally, our CEO, Mr. Kondo, has a global perspective, and we are already engaged in various joint technology development projects with companies from Europe and North America, making it a stimulating environment.

Please tell us about any rewarding experiences you’ve had while working.

System Division Eun Kyung Park

Participating in CEATEC, Japan’s largest technology exhibition, and finding ways to showcase our products’ appeal.

Before joining the current systems department, I was part of the project team when our company first exhibited at CEATEC, Japan’s largest technology exhibition. Although I lacked specialized knowledge in robotics, I collaborated with the team to figure out how to make our products and services look appealing for the exhibition.

CEATEC attracts people from around the world who are looking for the latest technology and business opportunities. It was rewarding to see so many visitors interested in our products, and this experience sparked my interest in product development.

At the time, I was only involved in the exhibition, but I found the systems department—responsible for creating these products from scratch—very attractive. This led me to apply for an internal transfer to the systems department.

Now, I am involved from the development stage. While I used to think about “how to make our products appealing,” I am now excited to grow into someone who thinks about “how to create appealing products.”

What are your future dreams and goals you wish to achieve?

I want to contribute to eco-friendly and sustainable practices on a global scale.

System Division Eun Kyung Park

Our company has developed a smaller version of the “AI Automated Grading System,” which assesses the condition of smartphones. Customers have commented on how convenient it is for inspections and how it saves space. We plan to showcase this product at exhibitions and expand our global sales channels.

Two years ago, I visited the UK and was inspired by the mindset of preserving historical architecture and the strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-consciousness. I believe the market for refurbishing smartphones and IoT devices will continue to grow.

I am personally interested in this field and see great potential for the future. I want to help expand this market and contribute to global eco-friendly and sustainable efforts through my work.

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